How it Works.

Order@ is re-engineering the retail marketplace with special technologies, innovative supply chains, and fintech solutions designed to empower both retailers and suppliers. The application works with the two critical sides of a business; The buyer (the owner of a grocery, supermarket, restaurant, or cafeteria) and the seller (the person or company that provides goods such as distributors, importers, and factories). In turn, Order@ simplifies the work of merchants, facilitates its complex aspects, and makes its steps smooth and fast. These steps include: the supply and demand process, the well informed supply chain decisions, in addition to logistics services, and the expansion of coverage for suppliers and manufacturers.

For Buyers

Order@ enables buyers like groceries, restaurants, and retailers to

  • View a wide variety of brands, SKU’s and prices and compare them without any pressure in decision making.
  • They will also experience consistent brand availability and reliable on-time delivery.
  • They can study and monitor their history and data analytics to help forecast and manage new orders that will help utilize the cash more efficiently, especially with the flexible financial terms and digital lending such as buy-now-pay-later features.

Logistics Simplified

Sellers can choose between different logistics solutions based on their operations size and products’ nature.

For Sellers

Using Order@ enables sellers like Distributors, Importers, and factories to

  • Have more coverage at an affordable consolidated logistics cost.
  • Have full control and access to buyers at more competitive sales costs.
  • Can see the geographical distribution and behaviors of their buyers and get an idea of their products’ market feedback like demand and promotions.
  • Can get a sense of safety and security that comes from handling all orders using one unified platform that secures their payments on a flexible term, whether shorter or longer depending on their cash flow needs.

Payments Secured

Order@ comes with a state-of-the-art fintech solution that features a safe and secure payment method for both buyers and sellers through multiple options